Marine Le Pen

Russian President Putin attends meeting in Moscow

To defeat tyranny today, look to the past

The history of dictatorship and populist demagoguery can help us sort out what’s happening now—and even reassure us that there’s reason for hope
Election signs in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

The quiet vote of New France’s last remnant, nearer St. John’s than Paris

Emmanuel Macron is not exactly popular, but no one will admit to voting for Marine Le Pen in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

Congratulations, Emmanuel Macron. Now get to work

The things that made Macron so refreshing—he’s 39, never held elected office before, has no political party—are suddenly the ingredients of a potential nightmare.
Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for French 2017 presidential election, delivers a speech after early results in the first round of 2017 French presidential election, in Henin-Beaumont

France isn’t burning—yet

While far-right candidate Marine Le Pen made it to the second round of voting, she’s unlikely to win. But France’s problems aren’t about to go away.
Germany Europe Nationalists

The meaning of a meeting of Europe’s leading nationalist minds

In Koblenz, Germany, the leaders of Europe’s nationalist movement unite for an awkward political spectacle
French Far-Right Front National (FN) Party President Marine Le Pen Presents Her Wishes To The Press

The far right takes root in Europe

Will far-right populism become a mainstream view in European politics? France’s upcoming election will offer a first test.

Marine Le Pen’s Quebec misadventure

The far-right French leader brought her outrage to La Belle Province—a place that knows a thing or two about the politics of fear
Marine Le Pen

France’s other rally: Triumphant, and foreboding

Paul Wells sends a dispatch from Beaucaire in France, where Marine Le Pen’s counter-rally drew an ominous response from the crowd
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Sarkozy is slipping away

The French president narrowly lost the first electoral round. He’s running scared and needs new friends—fast.