The Battle for a Prince Edward Island Beach

A Toronto millionaire wanted to build a beachfront mega-cottage on a remote stretch of Prince Edward Island’s pristine north shore. Then the locals got wind of it.
Highland_Village_Exterior 7 copy

This old-timey museum on Cape Breton Island got a 21st-century upgrade

Highland Village Museum’s $5.3-million renovation updates its marquee building to a contemporary, Scandi-esque design

I’m on a waitlist for a doctor with 95,000 Nova Scotians

More than one in ten people from the province are without a doctor. “Watching my prescription run out feels like watching a time bomb ticking down,” says Evelyn Hornbeck
Jim Walmsley. (Photo by Cody McEachern/SaltWire Network)

This man is building a tiny-home utopia in P.E.I.

Jim Walmsley wants to fight the housing crisis by creating a community from the ground up
Close Encounters With The Walruses Of Norway

Could the walrus return to the Maritimes?

The animals once thrived in the region, prompting some locals to mull over a tricky problem: how to bring them back
Donair. (Aaron Mckenzie Fraser)

The donair, adored by the East Coast, heads south

Roasted on a spit and slathered in a unique sweet sauce, the snack favoured by Maritimers is set for a new adventure