Mark Holland


The Commons: Lawrence Cannon explains everything

This is the closest Parliament has come to hearing a factual explanation in months

The Commons: Sound and fury signifying a lack of anything

"It is like a skit out of Monty Python, except it is not funny"

The Commons: Struggling to swim in their own reflecting pool

"Didn’t anyone in government think that a $2 million, 72-hour fake lake to host a meeting on fiscal restraint was a bad idea?"
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What $1 billion buys you at the G8

FESCHUK: I’ve been to the G8, and I’m here to tell you it’s more entertaining than ‘The Bachelor’

The Commons: Anatomy of an outrage

To what extent should one be allowed to accuse another of evil?

The Commons: What price freedom?

In the absence of accounting, there are only laments
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The Commons: Your deferential silence is appreciated

To shut the f--- up, or not to shut the f--- up
harper commons

The Commons: ‘Whoops!’

This is what happens when you do the "honest, ethical and transparent thing"