Mark Towhey

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks at his campaign launch party in Toronto

Mark Towhey: On letting go of Rob Ford

Rob Ford was both the best and worst mayor the city ever had, writes Mark Towhey, but you can’t say he didn’t care
Toronto Mayor Ford sits at a city council executive committee meeting at City Hall in Toronto

Trouble at the ball: An excerpt from Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable

Mark Towhey had a unique view of one of the most notorious moments in the Rob Ford scandal. Here’s what happened behind the scenes.

Rob Ford: Uncontrollable: Read an exclusive excerpt

Ford’s behaviour drew staff into his family life—at times into its most intimate moments, Mark Towhey reveals in an excerpt from his new book

Mark Towhey: The man behind Rob Ford

From 2015: Rob Ford’s former chief of staff breaks his silence on what really went on in the mayor’s office
Rob Ford

The false heroes of the Rob Ford saga

The councillors, staffers and journalists who once supported Ford have some explaining to do