If Gillette wants to fix gender inequity, it should start with its razors

Anne Kingston: Actual change would mean an end to the absurd gender-ification and price discrimination perpetuated in the marketing of shaving products.

The hidden crisis that’s fuelling the ’incel rebellion’

What began as toxic culture in fringe spaces has metastasized into ideologies of violence, fuelled by the way men are socialized—and ideas like ’sex redistribution’ won’t help

In blurring fact and fiction, ’The Rider’ achieves truth and poetry

Chloé Zhao’s ’The Rider’—a film about a Native American man on a reservation, made by a Chinese-American woman from the city—may be this year’s best American film

Why we should talk about masculinity more often

On issues like friendship, loneliness, and education, it’s vital for men to openly interrogate masculinity’s core precepts, writes Tabatha Southey

Ian Campeau: Men need to speak out against sexual violence

Ian Campeau, a former member of the DJ group A Tribe Called Red, talks about the role men must play in ending gender-based violence.
MAC51_MALE_NURSE01_wide Todd Korol

The enduring stereotype of the male nurse

The number of men in nursing schools is growing (slowly)
We’ve come undone

We’ve come undone

Long a symbol of power and masculinity, the necktie has fallen out of favour
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The grass-eating boys of Japan

The young men, called herbivores, don’t want sex