A grocery store worker clean a work space and plexiglass divider in downtown Vancouver on April 29, 2020 (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

The plexiglass barrier problem

Justin Ling: Vaccines, masks and ventilation are working. So why do governments keep doubling-down on the measures that don’t effectively stop COVID?

Masks hang on the door of a shop in Toronto on June 6, 2020 (CP/Frank Gunn)

Canadian leaders botched mandatory masking. Here’s how to fix it.

Amir Attaran: The excuses against mandatory masking are so bad they qualify as comedy. It’s not too late for a national mask plan to prevent a second wave.

A man wears a protective face mask as he walks past a portrait of Dr. Theresa Tam on a boarded up shop in downtown Vancouver, B.C. on Apr. 1, 2020. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Why Theresa Tam changed her stance on masks

Inderveer Mahal: The goal with a pandemic isn’t to remain consistent; it’s to respond to new information. We Canadians need to allow our experts to be fluid with their recommendations.

A discarded surgical mask is seen on the sidewalk in downtown Vancouver on Apr. 20, 2020. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

The history of our cultural resistance against masks

Sadiya Ansari: In North America, instead of seeing masks as a form of communal protection, they evoke panic

A woman wears a homemade mask as she goes for a walk in Vancouver (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Why that about-face on wearing masks is a problem

Jen Gerson: The feds’ new advice was one in a series of backtracks, and public trust is the ballgame here

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a news conference on COVID-19 situation in Canada from his residence March 20, 2020 in Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Dave Chan / AFP) (Photo by DAVE CHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Trudeau’s coronavirus update: ‘In the next 48 hours we will be receiving a shipment of millions of masks’ (Full transcript)

In his April 4 address to Canadians on the COVID-19 crisis, the PM said the government is chartering flights to get personal protective equipment delivered as quickly as possible

The coronavirus question: To mask or not to mask

Stephen Maher: There is growing commentary that all Canadians should wear masks in public to stop the virus. Here’s what the experts say.

Fear and anger on the frontlines: What happens if there aren’t enough masks?

Some Canadian doctors are talking about walking off the job if they’re not provided with adequate equipment to protect themselves from infection