Massey Lectures

Iraq, Yazidi

Payam Akhavan on the sacrifices needed to make the world safer

From 2017: A call to action from the UN’s youngest-ever war crimes prosecutor
A golfer hits a tee shot as African migrants sit atop a border fence during an attempt to cross into Spanish territories between Morocco and Spain’s north African enclave of Melilla

Why history is back, with a vengeance

In her 2016 Massey Lectures, Jennifer Welsh makes the case for a bolder solution to mass flight

Why Wiliam Lyon Mackenzie King was as great a leader as FDR

Massey Lectures: Margaret MacMillan on leadership and masters of the body politic
Lawrence Hill

Lawrence Hill on the power of blood

An exclusive excerpt from this year’s Massey Lectures by the author of ’The Book of Negroes’
The secrets of the universe

Neil Turok and the secrets of the universe

Why are we here? One of the world’s greatest physicists on the search for answers
Why hockey is the smartest game in the world

Why hockey is the smartest game in the world

And how a good mind can turn the game upside down
Missing image

Rachel wants a baby

This year’s Massey Lectures take the form of a five-hour novel by Douglas Coupland about apocalpyse and romance in an airport lounge