maternity leave

Can’t I be a parent—and a politician?

Joe Cressy: In September, I’ll be the first person ever to utilize the City of Toronto’s new parental leave program for city councillors. But for some people, my decision hasn’t been well-received.

Why parental leave rules are shutting out dads

A new report takes a deep dive into Canada’s maternity and parental leave benefits—and finds some counter-intuitive downsides to dads-only parental leave

Is maternity leave a bad idea?

The careers of women, and men, suffer when they take a year off work after having kids


Idea alert

NDP MP Sana Hassainia proposes increasing EI for parents who have twins and triplets.


Why MPPs aren’t having more babies

Johnson is Newfoundland’s first active MHA to give birth


Megapundit: Let’s all listen to Jack Layton!

Must-reads: Randall Denley on paying attention to the Dippers and Greens; Jonathan Kay on Gilles Duceppe’s plight; Greg Weston on maternity leave for the self-employed.