Matt stairs


So long Stairs

For those of you still paying attention…it’s over for the Toronto Blue Jays.


Petit Balls

First Star: I nearly failed grade nine french, and I already have to deal with the indignity of knowing that the Habs are a solid young team, getting better, while my Leafs are a terrible team committed to get worse before they begin to improve, so excuse me, but on Mondays this section is going to be called “first star.”  (Plus, I don’t know how to make accents on this keyboard.) Anyway, the first star today is Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas who led his team to victory over Italy yesterday making several key stops, including the one you’ll see below, and stopping not one but two penalty kicks to decide the game.


Cough, cough, choke…

You know what’s fun? Watching the Jays strand six, count ’em SIX, runners in the final two innings last night and coming away without a single run. Any old team can just fail to hit, but the Jays are unparalleled at generating just enough offense to seem perennially dangerous, without ever actually doing any damage. All bark, no bite. How thrilling!