Matthew Kellway


The Commons: Think of the F-35 as a Senate with wings

Though at least the Senate can operate in cloudy weather

PHOTO GALLERY: NDP rock the House

Mitchel Raphael celebrates the season with the Opposition

The Commons: Back to the future of the F-35

The opposition insists on living in the past

The Commons: Rona Ambrose slips on a fifth generation banana peel

The Public Works Minister commits a Kinsley gaffe


The public shaming of Conservative MPs continues

NDP MP Matthew Kellway’s statement before QP yesterday afternoon.


Today in parliamentary wit

Following an exchange this afternoon between the NDP’s Christine Moore and Associate Minister of Defence Julian Fantino, the NDP’s Matthew Kellway goes for the joke.


Throwing John Baird under the bus

Pressed this afternoon to explain John Baird’s linking of the National Roundtable’s demise to its support for a carbon tax, Environment Minister Peter Kent seemed to distance himself from Mr. Baird’s comments.


‘No decision has been made’

If last night’s sketch did not sufficiently enlighten, the full transcript of last night’s inquiry into government’s defence policies—including the surrealist zen sentence that is this post’s title—is now online. Of all the exchanges contained therein, this was perhaps most entertaining.

The Commons: The case of the $10-billion typo

How does someone type ‘definitions’ instead of ‘options analysis,’ asked Megan Leslie


A scouting report on Team Mulcair

Here again is the roster for Thomas Mulcair’s shadow cabinet. What to make of it? Here are several observations.


The Commons: The $25 billion question

The F-34 affair is, of course, even more complicated than a matter of different numbers