McMaster University

(Courtesy of McMaster University)

McMaster University: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Technicians connect the wires on ENIAC, a U.S. computer built in the 1940s (Science History Images/Alamy)

What does artificial intelligence mean for our world?

A new course at McMaster University is diving into the societal implications of artificial intelligence

Ishwar Puri (courtesy McMaster University)

Innovating in a bigger pond: McMaster’s engineering dean heads to California

Paul Wells talks to Ishwar Puri about California versus Canada, the changing nature of education, and what happens when the worlds of politics and research collide

McMaster University campus exterior

McMaster University: student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best cheap lunch, place to study and more

Physician, teach thyself: Medicine at McMaster

McMaster’s future doctors learn in a way that emulates clinical practices—by working independently

McMaster’s engineering degree, served with a side of business savvy

Students learn everything from a standard engineering degree, plus economics, communications and more

How Justin Trudeau makes town halls work

The PM is at home on the stage, managing the energy level in the room even when questions turn hostile, or his answers start to bore

McMaster University is converting heat from pizza ovens to electricity

A McMaster project captures wasted heat that escapes from commercial ovens and converts it to electricity

Shopify strategist Gillian Massel

Add tech to a humanities degree to bridge the employment gap

Adapting to a brave new job world, schools offer flexible programs so students can add tech to their humanities focus, and vice versa

Grassy Narrows First Nations Ontario Mercury

When health meets geography, difficult truths come to the fore

The new field of health geography explores the connection between wellness and environment, and leads to some sobering truths

Salesperson Gerry Pond

N.B. entrepreneur offers $500,000 to any school that starts a sales program

Think you’ve got hustle? Take it a step further: Train how to be an expert communicator, problem solver and driving force.

From gamified Old English to new grading software, edtech is on the rise

When it comes to creativity, there’s no shortage of new apps for teachers and students both