Goats feeding at Teal’s Meats in Waterford, Ontario on January 23, 2017.

Can goat meat hoof its way to the culinary forefront?

Goat is enviably healthy, rich in iron and protein, tender in a braise, and popular in the developing world. Why is it so hard to get in North America?

The most expensive burger in history

Kate Lunau on the ethics and implications of lab-grown meat

Wild about eating game

In most provinces it’s illegal to sell the most local of meats. Jacob Richler says it’s time to rewrite the rules
The meat of the matter

Charcuterie is the meat of the matter

Foodies bring charcuterie home, making everything from bacon to prosciutto
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Woman hacks it in a man’s world

Female butchers are still rare

Food prices to rise modestly in 2012: study

University of Guelph economists predict grocery store competition will slow price increase

Salami by the light of the crescent moon

For a few dedicated gastronomes, meat must be cured in harmony with lunar cycles
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From the archives: Horse meat—it’s like eating your dog!

Or as fans say, like eating cotton candy
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Cavemen who walk among us

From their workouts to their parenting styles, these modern men are fanatical in their devotion to Stone Age life
militant vegetarian

Militant 7-year-old vegetarians

Accommodating new food preferences is manageable, but the fanaticism can be trying