medically assisted death


I am a MAID provider. It’s the most meaningful—and maddening—work I do. Here’s why.

Canada’s MAID laws are missing fundamental safeguards for vulnerable people. That needs to change. 

Most Canadians support medical assistance in dying. So why is it considered controversial?

In my role as CEO of Dying With Dignity, I take pride in advocating for end-of-life rights and have learned that Canadians overwhelmingly back MAID
Rear view of young male caretaker with disabled woman and dog in forest

Dying for the right to live

Gabrielle Peters: Many disabled Canadians have been forced into poverty by insufficient income support—especially true during the pandemic. Some are considering MAID because they "simply cannot afford to keep on living."

Dear Mike Sloan: ’You were a teacher offering a great gift’

Scott Simmie tells Mike Sloan, a friend who wrote about his medically assisted death on Twitter as @mikelondoncan, that he changed people’s lives

The impossible case of assisted death for people with dementia

Is it too much to ask people to follow through on previously expressed wishes for assisted death? An expert report suggests it may well be.