Mel Gibson

Brian D. Johnson

The greatest muscle-mass of aging action stars ever assembled

Brian D. Johnson reports from the Croisette

TIFF 2012: The vanity project: 5 successful actor-directors

Ben Affleck, who directs and stars in Argo, isn’t the only one in Hollywood to double dip

Lars Von Trier banished from Cannes

Cannes exiles Danish bad boy as it honours banned Iranian

Opening Weekend: The Beaver and The Bang Bang Club

Watching Mel Gibson try to bluff his way out of depression is more painful that seeing a burning man attacked with a machete
Jodie Foster on the ‘broken’ Mel Gibson

Jodie Foster on the ‘broken’ Mel Gibson

The director for ’The Beaver’ explains why she stands by her shattered star
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Rogues’ gallery

Hollywood is refusing to forgive Mel Gibson, Woods blamed golf for his problems
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Teflon Charlie

He trashes hotel rooms, mistreats women, parties wildly—yet Sheen’s network and fans don’t mind
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Zimbabwe’s femme fatale, the Mel Gibson non-comeback, and one man’s war against rent that’s too damn high