Men's fashion


How Harry Rosen is tailoring itself to an evolving men’s fashion industry

A focus on personal relationships helps Harry Rosen thrive in changing times
Men wear various form of athletic tights. (Photograph by Jenna Marie Wakani)

Men in compression tights bend gender norms

Compression tights are the latest trend in men’s fitness, and fashion
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The very checkered history of the men’s suit

Christopher Breward grabs a thread from the suit’s seams
Sweat suits. (Photograph by Nikki Ormerod, wardrobe courtsey of Holt Refrew)

The latest thing in fashion: Stylish sweatpants?!

Dressy sweatpants may be the most unlikely fashion rehabilitation ever. (Once you get past the sticker shock.)
Why men should wear hats

Why men should wear hats

Stylish, mature and respectful: It’s about time
BowTies 12

Spotted at the RCN: Bow ties on neck, Republicanism on sleeves

What to wear to the Grand Old Party’s party? A gallery of neck fashion from the Republican National Convention
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Don Cherry’s starting to look tame

What’s with all the pinstripes, four-inch lapels and polka-dot pocket puffs on sportscasters?