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A young boy in a white t-shirt and blue jeans sits cross-legged and stares intently ahead, holding a gaming console in his hand

They Lost their Kids to Fortnite

A group of Canadian parents say their kids are so addicted to the video game Fortnite that they’ve stopped eating, sleeping and showering. Now these parents want to hold its tech-giant creator accountable.

The Prospect: Meet the 22-year-old CEO using AI to boost kids’ mental health

With his new app, Blue Guardian, Emmanuel Akindele is putting social media to good use

My career as a lawyer almost destroyed me

The hustle culture of litigation led me into a spiral of mental illness and addiction
Social distancing during COVID-19 pandemic

This Toronto social worker is seeing a surge of anxiety and depression in kids

“I see kids as young as eight in my practice who self-harm or are experiencing suicidal thoughts”
magic mushrooms psychedelics

Trending: Why psilocybin could be used in mental health treatment

Psilocybin, better known as the stuff that makes mushrooms magic, is the next big wellness industry—and a new frontier for mental health

I’m on a waitlist for a doctor with 95,000 Nova Scotians

More than one in ten people from the province are without a doctor. “Watching my prescription run out feels like watching a time bomb ticking down,” says Evelyn Hornbeck
(Photograph by Allison Seto)

The hardest climb

A group of outdoor adventurers are revolutionizing how their sports treat the survivors of tragic accidents
(Illustration by Sam Island)

How the pandemic has rewired our brains

Scientists are beginning to gauge how the last 18 months have changed us—for better and worse
Gabrielle Gillett, a student at Trent University, has had ADHD symptoms for years. In September, she sought help through Trent Health Services and expects a referral to a Toronto clinic that diagnoses ADHD. (Photograph by Tylor Key-Carr)

Why an ADHD diagnosis is often out of reach for Canadian university students

Adult students with untreated ADHD often struggle in university. And getting a timely, accurate diagnosis is almost as challenging.
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Self-care tips for post-secondary students

School is stressful enough without a pandemic layered on. Here are some tips for taking care and staying grounded.