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The emptiness at the heart of Canadian elections

Scott Gilmore: People demand things we don’t need, from politicians who make promises they can’t keep, by spending money we don’t have

The ’family shame’ of Canadian politics: class struggle

In a country where even acknowledging that class exists can be hard, the term ’middle class’ has become a hypnotizing catch-all in the election campaign

What does it mean to be working class in Canada?

Socio-economic lines are often erased or ignored in Canada. Here’s how I came to see my working class roots clearly.
Doug Ford

Ontario’s election is about to be a scramble for working class votes

Tom Parkin: The emerging issue of the election is affordability of everyday life. And with the Liberals sinking, we may see an epic right-left battle.
FCA assembly workers attend the celebration of the production launch of the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan at the FCA Windsor Assembly plant in Windsor

Why Conservatives and the NDP are fighting over the ’working class’

While the Liberals obsess about the middle class, the opposition will be talking about another kind of voter
Tax Reforms 20171016

The Prime Minister’s tax reform damage control tour

In Stouffville, Ont., Trudeau took over from Bill Morneau, unveiling a tax cut and some new messaging around an unravelling tax plan
Canadian finance minister Morneau reacts after The Commonwealth Finance Ministers meeting family photo in Washington

Justin Trudeau’s money pit, and those working hard to join it

Paul Wells: Can the Aga Khan-vacationing, French villa-owning Liberals still be the great defenders of Canada’s middle class?
Middle class residential community

Why everyone feels like they’re in the middle class

What’s middle class? It’s as much to do with values as with income
The shuttered BorgWarner factory in Muncie Indiana

The economic lessons of Donald Trump’s victory

In order for genuine good to come from Trump’s win, we must dig into the economic and social angst that led so many people to choose him as their champion

Are you in the middle class?

From our friends at MoneySense, here’s the 2015 All-Canadian Wealth Test