Maryam performs a mock checkup on a doll (Photograph by Kiana Hayeri)

Midwifery is in demand, but increasing school program capacity isn’t easy

Midwives are in demand across Canada, and students are keen to train. But universities can only admit 150 annually.
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As the taboo around death services wanes, a B.C. case shows how jealously guarded the birthing brand has become

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Meet Canada’s first male midwifery graduate

Otis Kryzanauskas graduates from McMaster
Otis Kryzanauskas rotator

Meet Canada’s first male midwife

He just graduated and is ready to deliver babies. But are moms up for it?
Otis the midwife

Meet McMaster’s first male midwife

Men are attracted to obstetrics, so why not midwifery?