Mike Duffy on trial

Duffy Trial

Judge clears Mike Duffy of all charges in Senate expenses scandal

The judge’s 308-page decision amounts to complete vindication for Duffy and a scathing indictment of Harper PMO
Mike Duffy

Read the judge’s decision in the Duffy trial

Justice Charles H. Vaillancourt cleared Mike Duffy of all charges today. Read his ruling, for the record:

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Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy, the senator on trial ... is a winner?

Nicholas Köhler explains why Mike Duffy has, in his own way, won by speaking his mind at his trial
Suspended Senator Mike Duffy leaves the Ontario Court of Justice, in Ottawa

Closing of Duffy trial moves to the whys and the hows

On Monday, both sides arrive at the final element necessary to their cases

A great yawning anti-climax: Duffy leaves the stand

Sixty days into Mike Duffy’s trial, the saga’s main character finishes his testimony
Duffy Trial

Always be closing: A #longreads on Duffy’s day in court

Circular poetry in Courtroom 33 — back and forth, round and round, but wait until you get to the end

Exhibit 104, a powerful pose, and Mike Duffy’s performance of a lifetime

The day before the Crown gets to grill Mike Duffy at his own trial, the defence presents a fascinating photograph

Mike Duffy takes the courthouse on a trip to the fair

Mike Duffy’s testimony continues, about a key Saanich trip and instructions from the Tories’ ’marketing wiz’—wink, nudge.

Mike Duffy speaks: What comes next in the Ol’ Duff’s trial

Mike Duffy finally takes the stand. Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler break down what he’s said so far, including a glimpse inside Harper’s PMO