Mike Duffy

Nigel Wright

Why the ethics commissioner did wrong by Nigel Wright

Andrew MacDougall on the ethics ruling against his former colleague in Stephen Harper’s PMO over the Mike Duffy affair
Canada’s Defence Minister Sajjan arrives to speak to journalists on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

What happens when politicians have to grapple with ’survivability’

As Harjit Sajjan faces demands for his resignation, a former Harper PMO insider offers a look inside a political defence
Mike Duffy

The ennui of Mike Duffy’s red-chamber redemption

Mike Duffy, loosed from the courts with all charges dismissed, returned to the Senate to work—or, at least, some absurdist interpretation of the term
SENATE 20110113

Will Mike Duffy’s return overshadow Senate reforms?

With the acquittal—and imminent return to work—of Sen. Mike Duffy, the upper chamber readies itself for a new role
Mike Duffy

Duffy’s going back to work. Awkward.

A specialist in dysfunctional workplaces on what awaits Duffy when he heads back to the office: ‘Can we all pretend that didn’t happen?’

An acquittal for Duffy, an obliteration for Stephen Harper’s PMO

In setting Mike Duffy free, the judge used his incendiary decision to rebuke Harper’s inner circle—and give Canadians a lesson in the justice system
Duffy Trial

Judge clears Mike Duffy of all charges in Senate expenses scandal

The judge’s 308-page decision amounts to complete vindication for Duffy and a scathing indictment of Harper PMO
Mike Duffy

Read the judge’s decision in the Duffy trial

Justice Charles H. Vaillancourt cleared Mike Duffy of all charges today. Read his ruling, for the record:

Senate 2.0: Back to life, but struggling for legitimacy

Evan Solomon on the renaissance of the Senate. (It’s complicated.)
Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy, the senator on trial ... is a winner?

Nicholas Köhler explains why Mike Duffy has, in his own way, won by speaking his mind at his trial