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Former Team Canada women's coach Daniéle Sauvageau, during the 2002 Winter Games. Sauvageau is reportedly on the interview list for the vacant position of general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. (Tom Hanson/CP)

Is the boys-club era of NHL management finally ending?

The Canadiens, Leafs and other teams are welcoming women to their executive ranks, but the key job of general manager remains a glass ceiling
Marc Bergevin celebrates the Montreal Canadiens victory. (@timandfriends/Sportsnet)

Is this Marc Bergevin dancing? Or just his red suit?

Image of the Week: The Montreal Canadiens GM does a dad-jig on behalf of the storied club’s ecstatic fans
Canadian hockey player Red Kelly (left) of the Detroit Red Wings battles with Paul Masnick of the Montreal Canadiens for an airborne puck while Red Wing Marty Pavelich (right) skates in to join the action during the final game of the Stanley Cup in Detroit, Michigan, April 16, 1954. Detroit went on to win the game and the Cup. (Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

A Montreal hockey dynasty’s forgotten champions

From 2017: Among the last of a mighty team, these two prairie boys named Paul now live in anonymity in Barrie, Ont.
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Are we willing to embrace ’Canada’s team’ in hockey playoffs?

Geography determines whether you’ll root for another city’s team chasing the Stanley Cup
P.K. Subban

What trading P.K. Subban tells us about the city of Montreal

Martin Patriquin on how the Canadiens’ trade of P.K. Subban has exposed every fanatic, ingrained facet of Montreal
Jean-Claude Tremblay. (Photograph by Alexi Hobbs)

Meet the man who became the dean of sports mascot makers

From 2015: How a Quebecer who played Youppi!, the Montreal Canadiens’ mascot, became one of the world’s most renowned mascot makers
Beliveau funeral

Jean Béliveau: ’Not goodbye, but thank you’

Canadiens legend celebrated by family, friends, players and politicians
Missing image

Photos: A final tribute to Jean Béliveau

Thousands of fans bid farewell to hockey giant
Fans offer their condolences to Elise Beliveau widow of Montreal Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau and her family during the public viewing in Montreal

The unwavering embrace of Elise Couture

On the strength and grace of Jean Béliveau’s wife in these days after his death
Montreal Canadiens

Jean Béliveau: Man for all seasons

Jean Béliveau is remembered not just for his glorious years at the rink but the stellar life he led away from it