Montreal protests


What students are talking about today (October 23rd edition)

UBC change room creep, Windsor fashion police & iPad Mini
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Montréal seen from a familiar sidelines vantage point

There seem to be two basic lines of objection to the Quebec government’s proposed tuition increases
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Quebec’s new ruling class

An attempt to end demonstrations against tuition hikes has only managed to escalate into a political and social stalemate
Student Protests;

Let’s give the protesters what they want

Paul Wells: After thinking about it for three months, close to half the population is with the protesters
quebec by Fatima

The Quebec standoff’s clear loser: taxpayers

Tourists avoid Montreal while policing bill grows
Montreal protests rotator

The Quebec standoff already has a clear loser: taxpayers

In Vancouver, the riots cost $5 million. In the U.K. over $160 million. How much will Quebec pay?
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Good news, bad news: Mar.16-Mar. 22, 2012

Sidney Crosby is back, again, but say so long to Encyclopedia Britannica