The mosquito has killed billions and changed our DNA—and it’s going to get worse

There is very little of our history the insect has not touched and a warming planet means it will expand its territory

How to survive the worst bugs ever

We went to the centre of Canada. No human had ever made the trip, but countless bugs were right at home.

Could Canadian mosquitoes transmit the Zika virus?

The common wisdom is that Canadian mosquitoes cannot transmit the Zika virus. The truth is that scientists don’t really know.

Why the Zika virus inspired a stunning travel advisory

The Zika virus wasn’t seen as much of a threat. But it’s exploded in Brazil, and new research suggests it may be causing birth defects in infants
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Spermless mosquitoes could reduce malaria outbreaks

Mosquito-borne diseases kills nearly 800,000 each year
Eaten alive

Mosquitoes are eating us alive

They’re causing uncommon havoc this summer. Parkhill, Ont. is the epicentre of itch.
I fought the lawn, and the lawn won

I fought the lawn, and the lawn won

FESCHUK: Every year I dream of a verdant backyard, and I wind up a raving weed whacker
Building a better mosquito

Building a better mosquito

We’ve used insecticide to fight diseases like malaria. Now there’s a new way: genetically modified mosquitoes.