Mount Polley

Sockeye salmon journey 20101007

New information gives salmon expert pause on mine leak impact

Carl Walters, who has been studying B.C. salmon for 40 years, finds new reason to worry about the Mount Polley leak’s effect on salmon run
Tailings Pond Breach 20140805

Cleaning up after Canada’s largest tailings pond leak

The better solution to the dam breach may actually be doing less, not more, with the mine tailings
Sockeye salmon journey 20101007

Salmon expert: Tailings pond leak won’t affect sockeye salmon run

A sober second thought on the ’eco-babble’ about the mine-waste leak at Mount Polley, B.C. affecting what may be a record-breaking salmon run

What you need to know about tailings ponds

Understanding the tailings ponds breach at Mount Polley near Likely, B.C., which has emptied mine waste into waterways