The problem at the root of the RCMP’s dysfunctional culture

Opinion: The RCMP is a federal military force that takes on ill-fitting municipal missions. To fix its culture, it should get out of contract policing

Will Bob Paulson testify at a messy Mountie harassment trial?

Charlie Gillis reports from a Newmarket court, where a judge is considering whether the RCMP commissioner should answer subpoena in landmark trial


RCMP deputy commissioner tells of Elliott’s “abuse”

Raf Souccar says next commissioner should be a police officer

RCMP commissioner will step down in July

William Elliot faced heavy criticism from top brass


Tracking sex offenders the hard way

Police are hampered by holes in the sex-offender legislation


Idea alert

The RCMP report tabled yesterday by Colin Kenny and a delegation of Liberal senators is here. A few of its notable recommendations are as follows.


Wanted man fakes death to fool cops

After the obituary, the Mounties called off the chase