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Ali and America: A complicated legacy

Allen Abel reports from Louisville, Ky., the birthplace of Muhammad Ali—the most important athlete of all time.
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Muhammad Ali: Icon used faith and fame as a force

Fiery and passionate, Ali’s activism was born of a visceral reaction to the inequalities he saw in America
Sport, Boxing, Miami, USA, 6th March 1971, Former American heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali pictured training for his fight with champion Joe Louis on March 8th

Muhammad Ali, the balletic boxer

Before Ali, heavyweights were clunky, ponderous lugs. He made boxing look pretty, dancing around the ring.
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Usain Bolt’s Muhammad Ali moment

He’d won the 100 metres before leaving the blocks
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The scary confessions of Mike Tyson

A new documentary has the heavyweight legend baring his soul with brutal candour