Munk Debate


The Munk debate that never was

Shannon Gormley: In this nasty, empty campaign, how would a debate on foreign policy have gone? Safe to say, pretty badly.
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How the Munk Debate between Steve Bannon and David Frum should have gone

Opinion: Tabatha Southey envisions ’The Best of All Possible Worlds Wherein the Munk Debates Still Didn’t Figure Out That Inviting Bannon Was A Bad Idea’

The real problem with David Frum debating Steve Bannon

Stephen Maher: Bannon should be challenged over his weak ideas. But the defender of liberalism chosen for this event is Frum, who is not a liberal.
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Why didn’t the CBC run any of the federal debates?

There have been five federal leaders’ debates. But despite feeds being available, the CBC has aired none of them.
Syrian Civil War

The foreign policy issue everyone ignored

None of the leaders really pressed each other on the Syrian war. Doing so might have exposed difficult questions for all of them.

Six key moments in the Munk Debate

Three feisty leaders unleashed zingers, told each other off, and even talked foreign policy
Paul Wells

A real battle at the foreign policy debate

The leaders all came out swinging with the sharpest disagreements of this campaign. But did they actually settle anything?

Tale of the tape: Transcript of the Munk Debate

Every zinger. Every claim. Every bit of crosstalk. All recorded in our transcript of #MunkDebate