A look inside the new Chinese Canadian Museum in Vancouver’s Chinatown

The grand opening exhibit traces the exclusion of Chinese communities across the nation
(Photography by Daniel Neuhaus)

The Hot Spot: Halifax

Where to eat, drink, play and stay in the seaside city right now
(Photograph by Claude Lafond)

Behind the evolution of Montreal’s Biodôme

The animals that inhabit Montreal’s beloved Biodôme are at the centre of its recent overhaul

Coming to a theatre near you: The world’s greatest museums

The latest thing in cinema might also be the oldest thing: Stunning all-access tours of galleries and museums
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A trove of ’degenerate’ art

Workers in Berlin have unearthed a slew of important Nazi-era bronze and ceramic sculptures
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Nine-year-old Beryl’s ’big adventure’

A museum exhibit in London explores the Second World War’s impact on British children
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Stasi Standoff in Berlin

The government wants to create its own national memorial to those dark days in Building 1
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Get yer fossils, folks. Step right up.

Gone are the dioramas—today’s museum is a high-tech, interactive carnival of delights