How the ‘Nannygate’ outrage missed the point

Instead of getting political, we should have been discussing nannies’ wages, childcare needs and why people are so judgy of others’ parenting

Why Trudeau’s babysitters are in the news

Justin Trudeau’s first controversy erupts—over taxpayer-funded child care in his own home

Fatherhood 101: Near Manila, a school for stay-at-home dads

Filipino fathers get a crash course in parenting while the mothers work as nannies overseas


Too soon?

Concerns are raised that Jason Kenney has not acted duly impartial in regards to the allegations made against Ruby Dhalla. Meanwhile, at our little party, the minister makes sure to avoid any perception of impropriety.


‘Because you people are writing about it’

David Tilson explains why the immigration committee is investigating Ruby Dhalla.


Iggy speaks (II)

Adam Radwanski refutes Ignatieff’s contention that the system worked.


What everybody else saw

Reports on this morning’s proceedings from the Globe, Star, Post, Canadian Press, Susan Delacourt and Adam Radwanski.


The Commons: The show trial of Ruby Dhalla

The nannies detail mental torture and physical stress; Dhalla denies it, brags about their basement apartment