Nate Silver


Harper’s pot wedge: Up in smoke

Paul Wells on how Harper’s winning issue is losing its kick
Nate Silver

Nate Silver and the future of media

Colby Cosh on the Sports Guy and the Witch
Beyonce and Baby Sighting – July 18

2012 Newsmakers: The headline acts

Psy and a Jay-Z’s baby topped music charts, while a blogger and Kim Jong Un also earned the world’s attention.
Emergency services member is reflected in the sunglasses of Britain’s Prince Charles during a reception at Bondi Icebergs swimming club in Sydney

Newsmakers of the week

Sonia Sotomayor hits Sesame Street, Robert Mugabe is the new Cecil Rhodes, plus a king-in-not-waiting
president obama

What students are talking about today (November 6th edition)

Obama’s odds, no-money-down tuition, Halo 4 & a drug bust
Election 2012

274.5? 315? A U.S. election apéritif

Colby Cosh works to extract a signal from the noise while offering a lesson from the Alberta election
Nate Silver

Now is the time to argue about Nate Silver’s method

Jamie Weinman on the gap between trusting your gut and stats
Presidential Campaign

Tarnished Silver: Assessing the new king of stats

Nate Silver’s attackers don’t know what they’re talking about. (Nor do his defenders)

Mind the ’credibility’ gap

Colby Cosh finds out what subsets, modelling assumptions and ’non-probability samples’ have to do with polling these days