Nathalie Normandeau

The Quebec Liberals try to clear the slate—but it’s hardly clean

The Quebec Liberals promised a fresh, corruption-free beginning. But escaping the past will not be so simple.

So, Nathalie Normandeau, about that apology…

Quebec’s former deputy premier attacked Maclean’s for its coverage of corruption in Quebec. She is one of seven now facing fraud charges.


Allô Nathalie!

Quebec’s deputy premier, Nathalie Normandeau, strode to a news conference clutching the latest copy of Maclean’s….

 “Maclean’s should apologize to all the people of Quebec. . . Maclean’s is attacking our institutions, our history, our symbols. Today, Maclean’s deliberately decided to attack the whole of Quebec, of who we are as a society.”

— CTV News, Sept. 24, 2010


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