Nathan Cullen

Keystone Report 20140131

Do we respect the primacy of Parliament or don’t we?

Should the economic update have been presented to Parliament?
Joe Oliver; Dan Kelly

Government doesn’t know how many jobs its job credit will create

’It’s very difficult to isolate this measure’
Ottawa Shooting 20141022

Parliament Hill shooting: Inside the NDP caucus room

’It sounded like banging, like trash lids being banged very loudly outside’
QP Live 300×300

The QP Clip: Nathan Cullen and Scott Reid correct each other

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period

Your new shadow cabinet

Nathan Cullen moves to finance
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer on Question Period

The Speaker explains his approach
David Johnston  Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper asks the GG to read him a bedtime story

And the government will live happily ever after