Nathan Cullen

Question period

Parliament resumes and the blessed tumult is rejoined

The NDP moves to question the Prime Minister
How Trudeau can avoid getting stuck in the middle

Trudeau’s transparency ploy can’t lose

The big news: The Liberal leader challenges his opponents to post expenses online.

In our hour of need, Justin Trudeau promises us better

In the absence of an agenda, there are only various scandals to wonder about
Parliament Building

Transparency theatre

Everyone has someone else to blame for something
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How to have an easier time passing an omnibus budget bill

The government might have maneuvered out of another voting marathon

Stephen Harper pleads ignorance and claims clarity

Twenty-four questions for the Prime Minister

What the hell happened here?

The Commons: Of Wright and Duffy and the Senate, there is only one question that needs be answered
John Baird

The Commons: The Conservatives run out of answers

And Pat Martin wonders where it all went wrong
Tony Clement

Is it the NDP’s fault Tony Clement doesn’t know where that $3B went?

The Commons: The search for the $3.1 billion continues
Mark Warawa Merv Tweed

The Commons: The silly and the hallowed

An hour and a half in the life of the House of Commons