National Capital Commission

Canadian War Museum

Simple offerings: How the Canadian public remembers the fallen

A look at the old photographs, hand-written notes, decorated wreaths and classroom art projects left at Ottawa’s National War Memorial
24 Sussex Renos 20151031

William Thorsell: Why it’s time to tear down 24 Sussex

The PM’s abode is as useless as it is derivative. And Canadians deserve better.
Portrait of Beasley at speaking engagement. Hweely Lim.

Q&A: How Ottawa bungled its plan for a new monument

In conversation with urban design guru Larry Beasley on the lessons we can learn from Ottawa’s plans for the victims of communism memorial
Memorial to the Victims of Communism Concept – After

NCC pitches a new plan for victims of communism memorial

The NCC is revising the design of a controversial monument. John Geddes explains why it’s unlikely to sway those who find the idea unthinkable
Memorial Victims Communism 20141211

Architects’ group comes out against Ottawa memorial

Expert opposition seems to be growing

The renovation debate at 24 Sussex

Repairs to the Prime Minister’s official residence come down to politics, not faulty plumbing
Commons 20130117

Why does Parliament Hill need a monument to the War of 1812?

John Geddes explains why Canadians ought to be wary of plans for the slope by East Block
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A final chapter for Nicholas Hoare, thanks to the feds

Rent increase forces ’the Gucci of booksellers’ to shutter is Sussex Drive shop
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Memorial to a very, very oppressive something

Say what you want about Stalin; he had an efficient decision process. There was that murderous regime, though.