natural resources committee


Remember the last time the Conservatives were eager to see Justin Trudeau embarrassed on a public stage?

The Conservatives are apparently eager to see Justin Trudeau testify at the natural resources committee. Keith Beardsley thinks this is a bad idea.


Well, this could get awkward: Liveblogging MDS Nordion at Natural Resources

I mean, they’re still suing the government — well, AECL, but ultimately, it’s the taxpayer on the hook — for bailing on the Maple reactors, right? Won’t that make it difficult to engage in a free exchange of views — especially considering that one of their lawyers is on the witness list? Nevertheless, ITQ will be there, although she should warn readers that it’s likely to be a shorter-than-usual liveblog, since the committee is scheduled to go in camera after the first hour. Hopefully that will be long enough for a few rounds of questions, at least.