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christy clark feature

The outrage over Christy Clark’s outreach plan

A ‘quick win’ strategy to target ethnic voters moves the B.C. Liberals even closer to a loss

Megan Leslie: Five things I wish I’d known

Advice from the 38-year-old New Democrat MP
paul dewar with students

NDP candidate would lavish gifts on students

But Paul Dewar doesn’t have much support
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The Liberals will never be the same

Andrew Coyne predicts there will be neither a coalition nor a merger, only the destruction of the Liberal party

Clegg: is he good for the Canucks?

A fiasco for first-past-the-post would be bad news for its future in Canada
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Why Michael Ignatieff is hard to find these days

He’s the fourth Liberal leader since Chrétien. This in a party that once took 81 years to burn through that many leaders.
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Is that all there is?

Jack Layton hopes economic turmoil will help the NDP grow