new faces at pmo


GiornoWatch: Score one for the monstrous regiment of women!

Actually, that’s two if you count Jenni Byrne, who  – according to amateur PMOlogist, Anon – may soon has emerged from the shadows of senior advisordom, and has officially taken over Issues Management.


UPDATED GiornoWatch – The revolution started yesterday, apparently.

Full credit to Commenter Anon for picking up on two new additions to the post-Giorno PMO: Robert Elliott and Daniel Joseph, both of whom are now listed as “special assistants” to the Chief of Staff. Elliott is, according to Anon, a former Fasken Martineau colleague – not this guy, who very kindly let us know that he’s not the one – and Daniel Joseph is a big ole mystery, at least as far as ITQ is concerned. Feel free to speculate merrily away in the comments.