News International


Not powerful enough to be corrupted

Rest assured, the Canadian news media isn’t nearly powerful enough for anything like the News International scandal to happen here.

Still worse to come?

Murdoch’s maelstrom

Under investigation in the U.K., Rupert Murdoch may well find that his toughest test will be in the U.S.


Rupert Murdoch, tabloids, and me

Barbara Amiel on the Sun King’s alternate universe

Mr. Burns and Smithers go to Parliament

Both Murdochs have contempt for everyone, but James’ contempt is smug, while Rupert’s is angry

The same old story

The same old story?

The News of the World scandal is a lot like the comedy The Front Page, only without any redeeming qualities

Coyne v. Wells on Rupert Murdoch and the News International scandal

A weekly politics podcast with columnists Andrew Coyne and Paul Wells