Thomas Mulcair, the staples thesis and cap-and-trade

The NDP leader lays out his vision for resource development


Independent thought alert

The CBC reports that three Conservative MPs put their concerns about the Nexen deal in writing.

Q&A with Thomas Mulcair

The leader of the NDP talks to Aaron Wherry about Layton’s legacy, carbon pricing, the Liberal leadership race and Twitter

We mean it about the F-35s. Except when we don’t

Paul Wells on Stephen Harper’s recent reversals


Brent Rathgeber Maverick Watch

The Conservative MP approves of the CNOOC and Petronas takeovers, but questions the idea of the federal government judging “net benefit.”

FIPA’s worst critics, speaking anonymously for the PM

Too bad there wasn’t some sort of treaty to protect Canadian investors in China … hey waitaminnit —

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Canada’s oil patch isn’t the only interesting prize for CNOOC


‘All investments are not equal’

The Prime Minister’s remarks this evening on the CNOOC and Petronas acquisitions.

Nexen and Progress Energy takeovers timeline

The important events leading to the final decision


CNOOC and Petronas deals approved

The breaking news is here.

Harper government approves CNOOC and Petronas deals

Acquisitions of Nexen and Progress Energy will go through