niqab debate

Zunera Ishaq

The surprising end of a depressing campaign for women

There were some unexpected upsides after a campaign in which women were ignored, deployed as political props, and even attacked
Niqab Citizenship 20150915

For the record: 500 women leaders call for respect in niqab debate

’We ask all leaders and public figures in the country to refrain from allowing the issue of the niqab to create an atmosphere of intolerance’

Why the Tories’ niqab gambit is flopping in B.C.

Nancy Macdonald reports on a two-way race that is now between the Liberals and the NDP
Aaron Wherry

The one sentence that sums up the niqab ’debate’

Nestled in Justice Johanne Trudel’s 24-paragraph Federal Court of Appeal decision is a phrase that explains this whole sorry mess