No-Fly List

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The Liberals promised to fix the no-fly list. It’s still broken.

The federal government’s no-fly list still includes children who have been confused for potential terrorists—and those errors could soon be exacerbated
Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER (C-GHLT)

Canada’s evolving no-fly list—and why changes to it were inevitable

Once reserved for “immediate” threats to airplanes, the country’s no-fly database is about to get much bigger
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When airport security goes a mile too far

One very long delay at the airport

Want privacy? Expose yourself.

How an artist snitches on himself to elude FBI
An immediate threat

‘An immediate threat’

Newly released documents reveal why CSIS placed Hani Al Telbani on Canada’s ‘no-fly list’
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What is it exactly that gets you on a no-fly list?

New documents reveal a fight over defining an ‘immediate threat’
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Canada’s no-fly list—who’s considered too dangerous?

A Montreal Muslim stuck on the no-fly list is fighting to get off
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Transport Canada’s big fat secret

Al Telbani is on the no-fly list, but how many others are there?