‘The only course of action that remains’

The Prime Minister’s statement to reporters after his government was defeated in the House.



By a count of 156 votes in favour and 145 opposed, the House of Commons has passed a motion of non-confidence, thus defeating the Harper government.


One hour (or so) to go

The House has finished its tributes to Speaker Peter Milliken and Mr. Milliken has offered his parting words. He is still receiving well wishers at his throne now. After he has shaken every hand that is to be offered, the House will resume debate on the Liberal motion.


‘It is time for a change’

With all the usual caveats about Mr. Ignatieff’s general willingness to stick to a script, here is the prepared text for his speech to the House of Commons this morning.


Three hours to go

Michael Ignatieff is, at this moment, tabling the Liberal motion of non-confidence.

Let the games begin

Paul Wells on how a snoozer budget became the pretext for an election frenzy


Confidence, or the distinct lack thereof

The entirety of yesterday’s debate on the Liberal motion of non-confidence is likely worth a read this weekend, but here we’ll excerpt the final submissions from the Liberal and NDP sides, Bob Rae and Thomas Mulcair pitted against each other.