North American Leaders' Summit

Enrique Pena Nieto Justin Trudeau

Michelle Rempel: Mexican visa decision was ’short-sighted’

The Tory immigration critic on why she’s ’flabbergasted’ visa restrictions have been lifted and why they were originally put in place
monarch butterfly

The Three Amigos talk climate, defence—and monarch butterflies?

The Three Amigos made their pitch. Here’s why you should care that the ‘spectacular’ butterfly is disappearing
Barack Obama

Photo gallery: Barack Obama arrives in Ottawa

Governor General David Johnston welcomes Obama, who’s making his second trip to the nation’s capital
Global Warming Minnesota

A cheat sheet for the Three Amigos summit

A quick guide to the relationships at play, the issues on the table and the likely outcomes of the North American Leaders’ Summit

Amid Brexit anxieties, Trudeau and Peña Nieto miss the mark

Peña Nieto and Trudeau’s bilateral meetings fail to quite match the moment, writes John Geddes. But then again, Obama’s on his way.

The making of Ottawa’s ’Obama Cookie,’ a POTUS treat

How an Ottawa bakery capitalized on a chance presidential visit and one simple red cookie
Parliamentary Prep 20141127

An Ottawan’s guide to the ’Three Amigos Summit’

Get ready for delays, Ottawa. Barack and Enrique are in town.