Northrop Frye


Surviving the era of ’tantrum style’ politics

John Geddes: As Trump keeps going lower, out-of-fashion theorist Northrop Frye explains all the shrieking—and even shows a way past it to democratic renewal
Donald Trump

On Trump’s pure ego and that ’beautiful piece of chocolate cake’

The timeless literary criticism of Northrop Frye makes sense of the president’s odd, clichéd ’tantrum style’ of public speaking

Frye saw Antony and Cleopatra’s air ’thick with information’

Making it Shakespeare’s perfect play for the 21st century

Dickens at 200: still the best we’ve got on being poor

His way of forcing the reader to see and smell the squalor of 19th century England is still unmatched in its moral force
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Did Ottawa spy on Northrop Frye?

Canadian academic once targeted by RCMP Security Service because of his left-wing politics
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Academic ‘crisis’ averted

A plan to dismantle Northrop Frye founded Centre for Comparative literature has been shelved--for now
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‘Academic vandalism’

Proposal to shut down prestigious comparative literature program at U of T draws international rebuke