northwest passage

Arctic Ice

The Canadian North is the least defended territory on earth

Never mind the Amazon, or even the Antarctic. Northern Canada is the global epitome of undefended territory.

Frozen out of Arctic shipping

The Northwest Passage may be opening, but will it really be the next global trade route?
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Captain Cook’s club, a gift of the Nuu-chah-nulth, comes closer to home

The wooden club was given to Captain James Cook by the chief of a Nuu-chah-nulth village in 1778
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Canada lags Russia in Arctic race

Russia leads Canada in developing infrastructure in strategic northern shipping routes
Who owns the North Pole?

Who owns the North Pole?

We used to think it was ours. But Russia has staked a claim, and the Danes will be next.
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An Arctic accident

Even before we were grounded, I had my life-changing moment, when a man in Gjoa Haven said he had an item that might interest me: the lost logbook of Lord Franklin
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Linking the Arctic with fibre optic

A line designed to link Europe and Asia could help northern towns