notwithstanding clause

Quebec Premier Francois Legault, right, at a premiers' press conference in Ottawa in September. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, centre, has threatened to use the notwithstanding clause, while Alberta's Jason Kenney has voiced admiration for Quebec's willingness to assert itself. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

The real problem with Quebec’s new language bill

Gerald Butts: Bill 96’s breezy invocation of the notwithstanding clause pushes us closer to the point where premiers—not courts—are the ultimate arbiters of our Charter rights
Doug Ford is sworn in as the 26th Premier of Ontario by The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario,

Doug Ford’s notwithstanding decision is a symptom of a problem with Canada’s democracy

Opinion: When Canada’s uniquely powerful majority governments punt the political football to the courts, they do so at the risk of making some voters feel helpless
Ont Plowing Match 20180918

Hold the constitutional crisis, we have a plowing match to run

Ontario’s quaint tradition has never seemed more detached from the crass reality of its politics
Roy Romanow, Jean Chretien et Roy McMurtry.

Chretien, Romanow and McMurtry attack Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause

’We condemn his actions and call on those in his cabinet and caucus to stand up to him. History will judge them by their silence.’
Doug Ford

Legally speaking, how far can Doug Ford go?

The constitutional checks on a premier’s power are used even less often than the notwithstanding clause

Adventures in better government with Doug Ford

Paul Wells: Thanks to a politician who’s in no mood for fine print, the notwithstanding clause is now in the toolkit of any impatient government
Doug FORD , Steve Clark

Why Doug Ford went straight to the ’nuclear option’ on Toronto city council

Defying the courts by using the notwithstanding clause is a move straight out of the new populist playbook—and Ford has hinted he’ll do it again