Nova Scotia Community College

(Courtesy of NSCC)

How Nova Scotia Community College students solved a data gap while building their resumés

An NSCC team participated in a six-month-long data analytics competition, illustrating the growing value of students connecting with employers—and vice versa—prior to graduation
Shipbuilding at Nova Scotia Community College

Making waves in modern shipbuilding

A two-year program recruits Indigenous students on a pathway to jobs in the Royal Canadian Navy’s $25-billion building boom
NSCC lidar map

NSCC is only school in Canada using lidar to map seabed near shore

Topo-bathymetric research with light detection and ranging technology fills in the picture for coastal zones
Nova Scotia Community College Historical map

NSCC houses a collection of maps all the way from the year 1545

More than 2,000 maps dating back to 1545 will be available online
Filippino Cooks preparing meat

If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy food, you can be a ship’s cook

A galley can be a tough workplace, but there’s money to be made

Meet the intern who sailed from Gibraltar to Canada

Filing papers and getting coffee? Not quite. Liam Burke spent an internship at sea
Harbour Hopper. (Photograph by Kayla Chobotiuk)

Harbour Hopper gets a brake from NSCC

When hilly Halifax was giving the gears to the Harbour Hopper, the Nova Scotia Community College helped solve the company’s problem
Missing image

All the right stuff

College students who transfer to university do well
Dry-Aged Steak

Four hot careers that require college

These workers knew what they wanted and college got them there quickly

Companies get colleges to do their training

Colleges create programs in response to industry demand