Nycole Turmel

Nycole Turmel

The Commons: The Russians are coming for our pensions

After boasting of "major transformations" to come, the Prime Minister seems suddenly shy
Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, Rob Nicholson

Boisvenu on convicted murderers: give them a rope

The Conservative senator seemingly has some ideas on reducing prison expenses
Stephen Harper

The Commons: Having it both ways

Stephen Harper promises his "major transformations" will also be unremarkable

The Commons: Post script

The Harper government has a gift for Canada
Justin Trudeau

The Commons: That’s enough

We have surely reached the end of everyone’s patience
Stephen Harper

The Commons: Tomorrow’s problem

Climate change can wait

The Commons: A fish story, in verse

The PM rejects the ’so-called facts’ used against his government
Peter MacKay

The Commons: ’It is the cover-up that buries one’

The government has decided it will no longer try to explain Peter MacKay’s helicopter ride