Nycole Turmel

A no-name race to replace Jack Layton

A no-name race to replace Jack Layton

Most Canadians couldn’t pick Thomas Mulcair or Brian Topp out of a police lineup

The Commons: Say everything

With a sea of troubles lapping at our shores, the government opts to appease every possibility
Harper's majority rules

Stephen Harper’s majority rules

In the session ahead, the PM needs to remember that his mandate ‘has a big old fence around it’

The Commons: Jim Flaherty against the world

The Finance Minister promises to do everything or nothing or both or neither to save the Canadian economy

The Commons: Carry on

The congeniality of the opening session ended quickly. Let us be thankful for that.
A merger just doesn't add up

A Liberal-NDP merger just doesn’t add up

Andrew Coyne on why this is a case where two and two sum to a good deal less than four