Why Oakville, Ont. is Canada’s best place to live in 2018

MoneySense crunched the numbers and this Ontario town came out on top

The wake-up call for a generation of wide-eyed home buyers

A wide swath of young homebuyers is beginning to grapple with something unseen in their adult lives—a market that actually goes down


The new Ontario battleground

The proposed riding boundaries for Ontario have been released. Most of the new ridings would be created in and around Toronto: one in Oakville, two in Brampton, one in Mississauga, two in Markham and two in the city of Toronto itself. There is also plenty of smaller adjustments.


Where he was

By my count, the Liberal bus stopped in eight ridings—all of them held by either a New Democrat or Conservative—over the last three days. For those who are interested in such things, here are those ridings, how the Liberals finished there in 2008, the margin of defeat and when the Liberals last won the riding.

Michael Ignatieff: Oakville and everything after

WHERRY: ‘His aides have stopped giving him a script’


The rolling people

As of tomorrow morning, I’m on the road, again. In this case that means following Michael Ignatieff around southern Ontario—Thornhill, Toronto, Burlington, Stoney Creek, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Oakville and Mississauga. The trip concludes with a visit to Caribana where the Liberal leader will, in a party tradition that dates to Laurier, be made to jump and wine.


The tally

With 51 precincts reporting specific estimates—restricting the count to media-reported figures and, where available, police counts—it’s possible to account for approximately 21,000 anti-prorogation protestors at yesterday’s rallies.


Please stay on topic

Conservative MP Terence Young conducts pre-budget consultations in Oakville.


Woodward & Bernstein & Alghabra

Former Liberal MPs are the new investigative reporters. Apparently.


Donuts, hockey, tax cuts and Afghanistan

The quintessential speech of Stephen Harper’s premiership?


Tomorrow in places that apparently actually exist

The Prime Minister’s itinerary for tomorrow. No really.